The Many Benefits of Proper Hydration in the Workplace

Starting the day with a glass of water will help you feel more productive and that will also help boost your metabolism. Being adequately hydrated during the day should be one of your most important priorities. It can be hard to remind yourself to drink water during your busy schedule but dehydration really affects your work life. If you feel like you’re tired or you have an issue with focus, hydration might be your answer. Not being properly hydrated will reduce your job productivity and no one really likes headaches, especially when we have big work meetings to attend or you need to concentrate. By the time you feel thirsty, your brain is trying to send you survival signals.

8 Benefits of Proper Hydration in the Workplace

1.   Some of us refuse to start the day without drinking coffee. I mean how do you even proceed the day without it? But all of us coffee lovers should also know that coffee dehydrates our system. It’s vital to drink a glass of water before you take the first sip of coffee, especially if that is the first thing that hits your stomach in the morning, after fasting all night.

2.       Since air conditioners suck all the moisture in the office by trying to cool down the temperature, this can pull water from our skin. The lack of humidity will make you thirsty if you don’t have a bottle of water with you, drinking it at least every 20 minutes.

3.       Drinking at least 8 glasses of water during your shift, will boost your metabolism. This will help especially during seasonal illness, as it will help your body flush out all the toxins from your body.

4.       If you work long shifts sitting in front of a computer, being properly hydrated will help you lubricate your joints.  Muscle cramps are really common for people who work and don’t have that many body movements during the day.

5.       Many people complain after or during work about a headache and they cannot understand why. Mostly that is because, when our body doesn’t get enough fluids, we suffer from a very bad headache. When we are dehydrated, our brain and other tissue shrink. As our brain shrinks, it pulls away from the skull and that puts pressure on nerves, hence the headache.

6.       By drinking enough clean fresh water, you are helping your body’s digestive system. Drinking a glass of water before or after a meal helps your body to process food. It also makes the stool softer and that will help prevent constipation.

7.       Being properly hydrated will help your brain to feel more energized and function properly in the workplace. Having a RO system for water filtration in the office will help your staff be more hydrated and stay more alert. This can lead to improved productivity and increased mental and physical performance. If the company offers tap water for their employees, that might have a negative impact on them. Not everyone likes the taste of tap water, so for everyone to be happy and without any differences, having a water filter in the office might be the greatest solution.

8.       Dehydration can cause stress and stress can cause dehydration. Long hours, heavy workloads, and deadlines can cause stress at work. Usually, when we stress, we forget to eat and drink. Water has been shown to have natural calming properties, so drinking water when you feel stressed will help you manage anxiety and you will feel more relaxed.

A spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Kim Larson said ‘’it’s just as important for someone who is working at a computer all day ( to drink water ), as it is for someone who is running a marathon’’. Water is crucially important while you’re at work as it might affect your work performance and the capacity of using your brain. Whether you keep a bottle of water at your desk or you have your own glass and fill it with filtered water that your work supplies, being hydrated should be your most important consideration. We get really swamped during work but taking just a few minutes to drink water, will help you relax and get back to work more activated. Self-care should be your priority, no matter how busy your day is.

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