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As people spend more time indoors due to the pandemic, they are looking for ways to make their living spaces more comfortable. Many are turning to plants to add a touch of nature to their homes. April Hollister, writing for The Verge, discusses the benefits of plants and offers tips on how to choose the right ones for your space. spaces aprilhollister theverge

In “Spaces Aprilhollister Theverge,” author Aprilhollister looks at the different ways we use and think about space. She examines how our relationship to space changes as we age and how our culture shapes our understanding of space. By understanding the different ways we use and think about space, we can better appreciate the world around us. spaces aprilhollister theverge

In “Spaces April,” Hollister provides an overview of the upcoming month in space. She starts with a look at what will be happening on Earth, including the launch of a new space telescope and the start of a new mission to Mars. She then turns her attention to the stars, highlighting some of the most interesting events that will be taking place in our solar system and beyond.

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