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In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, many Americans are wondering how Donald Trump came to be the Republican nominee. While there are many factors that contributed to his victory, one important factor is his use of social media. protrump donaldpeters theverge

Trump is an active user of Twitter, and he has used this platform to connect with voters and promote his campaign. In addition to Twitter, Trump has also used Facebook and Instagram to reach out to potential voters. protrump donaldpeters theverge

Pro-Trump group DonaldPeters has been denounced by TheVerge for spreading false information. The group has been accused of using “deceptive tactics” to promote Trump’s candidacy.

Pro-Trump rallies were held in several cities across the U.S. on Saturday, with supporters of the president gathering to show their continued backing for him and his policies. The rallies came as Trump faces increasing criticism from both Democrats and Republicans over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic downturn.

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