3 Ways to Prevent Bugs from Entering Your Home

Home means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. One of the interesting concepts about home is how fluid it is. For some people who live on the road and travel constantly, home might be as simple as the person they travel with or even their favorite travel gear. For others, the home might be a specific plot of land in a place they’ve always lived. Home in general is always more than one factor, and they all work together to create that special place that is hard to pinpoint to one single factor. 

When it comes to homes, there is one element that is never welcomed and most homes do have to deal with – and that’s bugs. Bugs are simply a part of nature and a normal part of reality. Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or an airstream, bugs are something that everyone has to take seriously.

While it can be frustrating to deal with an infestation of bugs, and even alarming and discouraging, the good news is that most of the time bug control is very easy to achieve. In fact, there are certain preemptive measures that you can take that will help prevent the chances of your home being invaded by these pesky insects. The good news is that these measures are easy to accomplish. 

Here are four ways that you can easily help prevent bugs from entering your home and becoming a burden to you and yours. 

Invest in a Screen Door

The first step that anyone should take, whether you are renting, or you own your own home, is investing in a good mesh screen door. A mesh screen door affords you the luxury of being able to enjoy the weather when it’s beautiful outside, without welcoming in all of the unwanted pests. By having a mesh screen door, you don’t have to be so worried about always making sure the door is closed. 

Without one, it’s very easy for bugs, leaves, and debris to come inside your home. A mesh screen door can help you enjoy getting fresh air into your home, without any pesky unwanted visitors. 

When it comes to the kind of screen door, check out a magnetic mesh screen door for its convenience. Unlike a traditional screen door, a magnetic mesh screen door is easy to open, and automatically seals itself. This can be a huge convenience when you are taking items in and out of the house, like trays of food or drinks. The mesh flaps come apart when you apply some pressure so you can walk through them, and their magnetic connections automatically close behind you. This creates a hands-free, easy way of entering and exiting the home that still protects you from unwanted bugs. 

Don’t Leave Fresh Produce Out

Another preventive measure that is easy to accomplish and can have a big impact on keeping bugs out of your home, is simply not leaving fresh produce out. Whether it’s vegetables, fruit, or things like butter and honey, by always storing them in sealed containers you can discourage gnats or fruit flies from being attracted to your home. 

Another area that is a high attraction to bugs, is the kitchen sink. Sometimes this part of the house can get bits and pieces of food stuck in it, and it can attract the same customers. Gnats and house flies are always going to be attracted to food and produce that is left out in the open air. So taking a few extra steps to store these properly can decrease your chances of dealing with pesky bugs. 

Other foods that attract bugs are very sugary desserts or open alcohol. The high sugar content of each is a huge draw for bugs and if you leave these things in the open air, it could create some pest problems. 

Get a Professional Bug Service

Another great way to help keep your home bug free is to use a professional bug service that can treat the foundation of your home throughout the year. Usually, this looks like hiring an insect control company to come out at various points in the year to spray powerful bug repellent and bug killer around the foundation of your home. 

The benefit of working with a professional bug service is that they have the expertise to help you achieve your desired bug-free state. These services are a lifesaver when dealing with an infestation, and can be a powerful way of preventing an investation from ever happening.


While no one wants to deal with bugs in their home, there are easy, preventable ways of making sure this problem is mitigated. With a reliable, convenient mesh screen door, proper storage of all food and drink items, and using a professional bug service, you should be able to accomplish a bug-free home! 

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