Snowboarding – Men’s Cross

Alessandro Haemmerle of Austria gets the gold medal; in the final of the men’s snowboard cross. It occurs on Thursday; at the Beijing Games in the winter, Olympics that varnishes, ahead of Canadian Eliot. In the Pyeongchang games in 2018, she came at the seventh number. With beating on Grondin, she won the race with o.02 seconds. He came; on the 36th number four years ago in the Beijing; of winter Olympics. Haemmerle said that looking back into the past by playing videos is not it did not feel like it was so close. She also said that it proves a huge; relief for me to win a tight race in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Austrian said that when it came to the finals I further stroke it, and had not sure that I’m on the way that passing to finals. Grondin of Canada gets the silver medals in the Olympics and progresses in Thursday’s races from the seeding runs. And it led the whole session more hastily than other ones. And she is 20 years old now and, she again starting progress but Haemmerle who is 20 years old now gained on him. These two competitors progress over jumps and tights runs but at last, Austria leaves the Canadian and leads the race individually. Grondin said that honestly, speaking, I’m very happy to work with those boys with them I’m battling for several years. And additionally, he added that he was grown up by viewing compete of Omar Visintin, who is Italian. He also said that it’s very amazing, that I did not know that’s the sentiment. Visintin is 32 years old now, and he gets back in the finals again. He was able to win the bronze medal after the Grondin.

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