Ravichandran Ashwin’s Five Best Bowling Performances In The History Of Test Cricket

Ravichandran Ashwin is widely regarded as one of the finest bowlers to have ever competed in contemporary test matches. In the following segment of their ongoing series on the greatest bowling performances, they will discuss Ravichandran Ashwin. Even though he has just participated in 90 Test Matches during his career, Ravichandran Ashwin has already collected close to 450 wickets. More than ten years have passed since he began his professional career. No one can say for certain how many more wickets he will take as a champion test bowler, even though he still has at least four more years left in his career. In the following section of the discussion, Article will discuss the accomplishments that he has achieved in test cricket.

Ravichandran Ashwin, who was only 19 years old when he played in his maiden test match in 2011, has evolved into one of the most accomplished cricket players in the world. Throughout his career, he participated in 86 tests and got 442 wickets, giving him a very respectable lifetime average of 24.13 wickets per match. As per live cricket match streaming video, his various roles in the matches took place at various points in time. He finished his career with a total of 30 hauls of at least five wickets. This number will be difficult to achieve for him because he has only taken 10 wickets or more in a single inning of a test match once, but he has done so seven times total in a test match. It is generally agreed that Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the most talented bowlers in the world. Let’s have a look at the top five best bowling performances he has had in test cricket so far so that they can get a better understanding of why this is.

  • He had stats of 3 for 81 and 6 for 47 during his match against the West Indies. (2011) –

It is appropriate to bring up the fact that this was Ravichandran Ashwin’s very first test match in this particular context. He had a successful performance in his debut match, which was played against the West Indies. He had nine wickets taken. He bowled quite well throughout the first innings of the game. He was successful in taking three wickets and only allowed 81 runs to be scored. However, during the third innings of this test match, he demonstrated how intelligent he truly was. During that frame, he blasted through the West Indies batting order, collecting his first five-wicket haul and limiting the opposing team to only 47 runs. It was immediately apparent that he was committed, in addition to the fact that he created a good first impression.

  • When India played New Zealand, he had stats of 6/31 and 6/54. (2012) –

By beating New Zealand by 115 runs and an innings, Ravichandran Ashwin established a new benchmark for himself in terms of performance in test matches. This was accomplished by him taking 12 wickets (six in each innings). During New Zealand’s first turn at bat, Ravichandran Ashwin bowled very effectively. This was an excellent performance. Only 31 runs were scored in opposition to him throughout 16.3 overs. When New Zealand was batting in the first innings, a bowler for India took six wickets, and then another bowler for India did the same thing when New Zealand batted again in the third innings. This allowed India to easily win the match. Because of him, he got off to an excellent beginning in his job as a professional tester.

  • Against South Africa his stats are 5/32 and 7/66. (2015) –

Ashwin’s performance was on par with his previous efforts even though the match took place in 2015 and South Africa was their opponent. When his ability was finally recognized, he had already participated in cricket exams for four years. In 16.1 overs, Ravichandran Ashwin was able to take five wickets while only allowing 32 runs to be scored. As a result of him bowling South Africa out for 79 runs, India’s first innings was finished when they reached 215 runs. Ravichandran Ashwin, on the other side, was able to shatter South Africa’s batting by taking five wickets while only allowing 32 runs. In the fourth innings, which was the most crucial of the game, Ashwin was unplayable. He bowled one of the greatest stints of his career, allowing only 66 runs while scooping up seven wickets in 29.5 overs. His career-best total is 7 wickets for 66 runs allowed. This is easily one of the most successful things he’s ever attempted. In the end, India triumphed over their opponents by a score of 124 runs.

  • He got 6/81 and 7/59 against New Zealand. (2016) –

Ravichandran Ashwin’s best bowling game was when he took out a career-high 13 batsmen in a test match against New Zealand. This was the best time he ever did at bowling. In New Zealand’s first turn at bat, Ravichandran Ashwin took six wickets for 81 runs. India’s first innings score was 557 runs. In their first turn at bat, New Zealand got 81 runs. But in the second batting session of New Zealand’s second test innings, he took seven wickets for only 59 runs in only 14 overs. This was the best bowling performance of his career. This was the best he had ever done in test innings.

  • Against Australia 3/57 and 3/92. (2018) –

Because of this, I chose one of Ravichandran Ashwin’s most impressive bowling performances from an international test match. In 2018, India played Australia in a close test match, and Ravichandran Ashwin was one of the most important players for India. In 34 overs, he got three wickets and only let the other team score 57 runs. Then, in the fourth inning, when India needed him most, he had another great game. He bowled 52.5 overs, during which he gave up 92 runs and took three more wickets. Ashwin’s work was a big reason why India won the match by 31 runs.

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