How to Really Find Out If Your Office is Dirty

When you think about your office space, would you say it is clean and tidy for your employees? Unfortunately, there are a lot of bosses out there that are under the impression that their office is a great place to work. They do not realise the dirt and grime that is around the place and the impact this can have on their staff. From reducing productivity to affecting employee morale, you want to make sure that your office is a hygienic and clean place to work.

So, how do you get to the bottom of this and find out if your office is really dirty? Well, here are a few signs you should look out for and what you should do about it.

The Finger Test Fails

One of the best ways to find out if your office is dirty is to run your finger over certain areas in the building. They are going to reveal whether there is dirt and grime lying around on surfaces. For example, you should do this on surfaces, on top of cupboards and even along windowsills. If you are getting a lot of dust and dirt on your finger, then you have failed the test. Unfortunately, your office is dirtier than it should be.

If this is the case, there is something simple you can do. You can hire a commercial cleaning company to take care of your offices. A team can come in several times a week to clean offices and other areas you want to maintain. Then this can create a clean and germ-free working environment for everyone. What’s more, it means that you do not have to worry about doing the cleaning or passing this task onto your employees.

Staff are Always Off Sick

Have you noticed that you have a lot of employees off sick around the same time? This is a clear sign that germs are spreading around the office. Some employers dismiss this fact and explain that it is due to the time of year. However, this is not always true, and it could be down to having a dirty office that is not cleaned on a regular basis. Bacteria and germs are spreading on equipment and in areas of the office that everyone is coming into contact with. As a result, more people are getting sick.

Regular cleaning is not just about removing dirt you can see. It is always about getting rid of bacteria you cannot see. Cleaning services mean that everything will be disinfected on a regular basis, and employees can work in a sanitised environment. This way, you can reduce the risk of employees being off sick and causing disruption to operations.

There Have Been Complaints

Ultimately, if you are receiving complaints about the cleanliness of your office, this is definitely a sign you have to pay attention to. Nobody wants to hear negative things about their business and at first, you might not believe them. But it is essential that you pay attention to who is complaining.

For example, if employees are complaining about the space they are working in, you need to listen to them. You want your team to be happy with where they work and if they are telling you about things that should be fixed, you should do this. What’s more, if you are seeing negative feedback from clients after visiting your office, then you need to do something about this.

Employees are Generally Unhappy

Perhaps you have noticed that your employees are generally unhappy in the workplace. Of course, this could be down to a variety of factors and you will need to do some investigation. After all, you do not want this to happen, and you want to ensure employees are content with where they work. This will mean that they are productive and are able to produce the best work.

One of those factors might be their work surroundings. In other words, they might be unhappy with how the place looks and how they feel working there. Indeed, it could be messy and dirty, which contributes to how they feel about the workplace. This is something within your control, and you will want to make improvements.

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