How To Prepare UPSC Sociology Syllabus For Qualifying IAS Exam

Union Public Commission Services conducts the UPSC exam to appoint individuals for IAS, IRS, IFS, and more. The UPSC exam is divided into two parts- UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains. The purpose of the UPSC Prelims exam is to filter out the candidates for the UPSC Mains exam. The UPSC Prelims is a general examination with 180 questions for 400 marks. The candidates must clarify the UPSC Prelims to appear in the UPSC Mains Exam. The syllabus for the UPSC Mains exam is different for each as it requires one to opt for an optional subject. Most candidates who choose Sociology find it difficult to prepare for the UPSC Sociology Syllabus. However, if you prepare it with the proper strategy, it will be easy.

Tips to Prepare UPSC Sociology Syllabus

Sociology is one of the optional subjects for the UPSC Mains exam. Like other subjects, the UPSC sociology syllabus is divided into two- Sociology Paper I and Paper II. The Sociology section of the IAS Syllabus is similar to the General Studies Paper 1, and studying the same will help you get a hold of GS 2, GS 3, and Essay papers. Follow the under-mentioned tips to prepare for the UPSC Sociology Syllabus effectively- 

  • Analyze the Syllabus– One of the primary things to start with is the preparation of the sociology syllabus by understanding the syllabus to the fullest. The preparation for the optional subject differs from what it demands in sociology as the main subject. It is advised first to analyze and understand the syllabus thoroughly, as it will help you make notes and save time. 
  • Be clear with the Concepts– It doesn’t matter if you are good at memorizing large topics, as the UPSC main exam is based on judging your concepts. So, you need to initiate your preparation by getting familiar with the sense of the topic. Developing concepts clarity will help you understand the idea behind the thoughts of the sociology thinkers. Not only this, but it will also help you interlink the topics. 
  • Study Sociology as a whole– Sociology is usually considered a low-key subject, and candidates don’t give much emphasis to studying the subject as a whole. But remember that the subject contains 260 to 285 marks. So, never skip anything and learn about the subject to get great numbers in the Mains exam. 
  • Make notes and mention sociology terms– One of the most important strategies to help you understand the key items of the subject is to prepare a list of the sociology terms. Just make a list, revise the terms regularly, and try to write the concepts behind those terms to get a better hold on the questions asked in the IAS Exam. 
  • Update your notes with current affairs– Don’t get stuck in preparing the old notes prepared. Yes, it requires constant change as changes are always going on in this sector. Look into newspapers, magazines, online mode, or any other to get updates on the current affairs related to Sociology. 
  • Go for mock test– One common practice that one must adopt while preparing for the IAS exam is to judge the preparation by solving the UPSC previous year’s question and the mock test. It will develop your time management skills, and you will be able to judge your knowledge about various topics. 

Preparing for the UPSC Sociology syllabus is not a nightmare. Instead, with proper strategies, one can prepare for the same. If everything works well, you will be able to save time. Utilize the extra time to emphasize the weaker topic. You can also go through the byjusexamprep website for more such tips and updates related to UPSC. 

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