Haste Skating – Men’s 1000m Final

Dutch win the gold medal in the men’s speed skating competition after his 1000m race finishing in 1:07.92 time. It is the second medal of the Krol’s after getting the silver medal by his race of 1500m in a men’s contest in Beijing 2022. Laurent Dubreuil of Canada wins the silver medal by getting out of the blocks with a time of 1:08.32. Haavard Lorentzen of Norway gains the notched bronze medal in the Beijing Olympics. Jordan Stolz of the USA teams varnished in the fourteenth place with a time of 1:09.12 while Austin Kleba of America finished at the 29th. In Beijing, the winter Olympics of 2022, during its fourth day, the Thomas Corl of the Netherlands is in action in the speed skating contest of the national oval in Beijing, China. Piotr Michalski of Poland, who continuously lead the progress in the unit comes in fourth place in the last instants. It is the first winter Olympics contest for the Krol. In 2018 he qualified for the 1000m, but the Dutch team replaced him by the Kai Verbij. Whereas he could not race 1000m in the trail, maybe it is due to his injury. Later on, in 2020-2019, he won the world cup in the 1000m race, and he also defeated the Kjeld Nuis in the defending gold medalists.

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