Eileen Gu of China gets success halfpipe gold, Zoe Atkin of GB ended ninth.

Eileen Gu gets her second Olympics gold medal by getting a gold medal in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

Because her hopes for the first medal are destroyed; by the women’s; freestyle halfpipe in Zhangjiakou. Gu is an 18 years old woman, and she competes for china. In addition to her gold medal, slopestyle silver medal after her second run score of 95.25. That proved enough for the Canadian and Racheal to shunt then at the second and third numbers. Gu said that event changed my life completely. Gu also said that it has the two arduous weeks for me with great; ups and downs, which I have never experienced before in my life.  She said that I feel more proud and honored that I’m here, and it is to be my honor that is situated at that place. And I have a chance a live example for the young girls; which spreading, a message for those girls who wanna come into the sports.

And I feel honored that I inspire young girls through my own experience in sports. And it is a very important; message for that person who was not known about sports before in their life.  In Thursday’s qualification round, Atkin made the fourth-highest run. And raising hopes that she might be able to stimulate or guide his older sister. Who won a bronze medal in the slopestyle in 2018 in Beijing winter Olympics in china.

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