Debunking Some Common Technology Myths

It’s no secret that the technology industry is constantly evolving so there’s always something new to learn. With the complicated nature of the technology industry, keeping track of a new piece of information is not as easy as you may think. This is the primary reason why there are some common misbeliefs that have transformed into tech myths. In all honesty, myths have a tendency to spread like wildfire so there’s a myriad of fake tech-related news floating around. The technology could be simplified if one does not fall prey to any kind of false information.

If you are worried about something that used to be true, it’s time to know the actual truth. In this article, we will debunk some of the most common tech-related myths. So, let’s dive in!

Incognito Keeps Your Data and Identity Hidden

Do you think it’s safe to spy on someone using private/incognito? A lot of people believe that ‘incognito’ mode lets you browse the web anonymously. Private/incognito browsing doesn’t save your browsing history, cookies, and data on your device. This simply means that the browser won’t show up your online activities in history. Basically, it’s good for keeping other household members who use the same internet-connected device as you from seeing what you have been up to in Google Chrome history.

The incognito mode indeed removes the data entered in the browser once you close the window. But it doesn’t mean that it will keep your identity and data hidden from websites and ISPs. You should keep in mind that putting your browser into incognito mode can’t mask it all as ISPs and the website you are visiting could reveal your identity to third parties.

Leaving Your Smartphone Plugged In Destroys the Battery

There’s a common misconception that leaving your phone plugged in to charge overnight could damage its battery. Don’t make the mistake of losing your good night’s sleep to unplug the charger because this is not true. You may have heard tales of people’s smartphones catching fires. But there’s no proof that leaving your phone plugged in overnight could have an evident impact on the device in any way.

Smartphones have a minimal tendency of exploding especially if they are they are still plugged in even after being fully charged. Leaving your phone at 100% all night long could damage the faulty battery. In recent times, most smartphones have lithium-ion batteries which automatically stop charging the device once it reaches its full capacity. 

More Signal Bars Means More Smooth Network

Like most smartphone users, you may also believe that having more signal bars guarantees excellent network service. Having full mobile signals on our phones does not mean that you will have an uninterrupted connectivity experience. The signal bars show the signal strength you are getting from a tower that is close to you.

There are multiple factors that are involved in impacting the performance of your network, such as the number of people connected to the network. If too many people are connected to the network at the same time, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up facing network issues even if there are more network bars.

Antivirus Software Protects You from All Kinds of Viruses

Having antivirus software is crucial to protect devices from all types of malware and viruses. All you need to do is, install the antivirus software on your device and you are safe from all the latest threats. To do exactly that, you need to invest in Windstream Kinetic Internet. Before you subscribe, consider contacting WINDSTREAM SERVICIO AL CLIENTE EN ESPAÑOL (click here) to learn about its features and plans. It’s true that antivirus software is good at protecting you against viruses, however, it doesn’t make your device invincible. So consider refraining from downloading unknown files as it could harm your device in the long run. In case, the software warns you against accessing certain apps and websites, consider taking precautions. Otherwise, you will likely be prone to viruses. Visit for more details and service providers.

All in All…

While you may think technology myths have no significance, they make an average user’s life complicated. Therefore, it’s crucial to know that not every tech myth holds the truth. If you still believe the aforementioned myths, make sure you stop believing them.

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