Costs To Be Aware of When Considering a Career Change

For many people, the thought of changing careers can be an empowering decision. However, it’s also wise to be aware of the hidden costs that can come with a career change before you take the leap. Read on for a few pointers from

Check your health care coverage

If you start a new job, you should establish if your health care coverage might change regarding the amount of your deductible you’ll need to pay upfront, specifically. Therefore, be sure to double-check that your doctor falls within your new job’s health plan and that it covers what it did previously.

Look at your retirement benefit

If your new employer offers retirement benefits, be sure to check that it is the equivalent of your current retirement contribution; otherwise, you’ll have to subtract the amount you are losing out on in your new job to get to a more accurate gross salary amount.

Make a comparison of your new benefits

When looking at your total salary package, you need to make a comparison of your new benefits in relation to your old benefits in terms of how this is going to affect your net salary at the end of the day.

Are there any relocation expenses you’ll be accountable for?

Suppose you are changing jobs in a new city, then you’ll also need to take relocation expenses into account. Again, these expenses can tend to add up as there are plenty of them to consider, including the moving costs, the costs involved in setting up your new home, as well as budgeting for your new cost of living expenses if these differ significantly from the town you’re living in currently.

Preparing for a new job with a polished resume

Of course, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible when applying for a new position so that you get that top job you’re vying for. That said, you may want to look into redoing your resume if it is looking a little outdated using a free online resume template. All you need to do is choose a resume builder online for free, and then add in the relevant information about your employment history, your skills, and experience and then add in your profile image as well as any other design elements to make it really stand out. Try this tool and you’ll have a solid, good-looking resume ready to go in just a few minutes.

Enhance your existing knowledge

Suppose you already have extensive experience in a career, and you just want to add on to this instead of taking an entire course from scratch, then why not consider completing a professional development course in medical coding, for example? You can choose from available medical coding online courses to learn how to assign the correct medical codes to the relevant procedures and claims. Moreover, you can even take a skills assessment at the end of your course to validate your results so that you are extra confident in your abilities when you do land your dream job.

Get your name out there with content marketing

It’s one thing to be prepared for a career change, it’s quite another to have your name – and qualifications – out there for the world to see. Marketing yourself is important, and as with marketing in business, utilizing content marketing to post your resume and announce your interests through your social media channels, website, and blog posts can go a long way toward attracting potential employers.

Check out the work culture in your new job

Lastly, check out what the work culture is like in your new job as far as dress codes, remote working, and what other perks there are, as you just might be able to save in other areas by not having to commute to work as often or pay for your parking space, for example.

So if you are considering moving for a job, be sure to take into account everything that could affect your budget, especially as this could influence your new lifestyle. Also, be sure to upskill where you can by doing a professional development course to help increase your odds in the job market.

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