Canada curlers beat Great Britain’s curlers 7-3

In the robin-round play, Canadian teams progress to 3-3; and in a 3-track bound for the 5th place. Jennifer Jones of Canada and; its team on Monday’s women’s Olympics contest defeated Britain with 3-7 in curling action. Additionally, now they raise the target of 3-3 in Beijing. In the fifth end with a hammer, Canada leads the game with the three enders. Jones improves with 3-3 in the round-robin play. And it is supposed that he is better for the 3-tie in 5th place. Only four sides from the 10, teams will be finalized for the semifinals. While; john’s squad started the winter Olympics with a women’s curling competition win. But the poor performance seems to be ended. John passed; a great remark in the form of successful back-to-back accounts to the ROC and Britain. Vintage John’s with his team; can perform any authentic and deathful play that can shiver the women’s; draw. Olympic Jen states today that Canadian coach Viktor Kjell was great. Did she was ever done it? Muirhead, who is the great, Britain eve found herself missed in the seventh end; then john kicked two marvelous; shots to remain the door open. After this, john answered with only one when Muirhead again pressed in ninth.

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