Short way haste Skating – Women’s 500m Final

Erin Jackson is the speed skater athlete who gets the gold medal for the US. It occurs on Sunday in the women’s 500 meters. After this, she becomes the first black woman to medal in speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics. In history, the American woman gets the biggest; price in the Olympics. After the race, she told the media that I want; to describe how I feel it’s crazy. Eventually, this gold medal means; so much to me. No doubt it has been a tough couple of years, and its starting is also very arduous. But at its result, I’m very glad. The triumph almost did not complete. Jackson; is 29 years old now tries in the US trials and gets third place in the qualifying Beijing contest in the winter Olympics.  But her partner Brittany Bowe aimed to leave Jackson in the soul of the Olympics race of 500m.  After this, she reportedly stated that actually, Jackson was able to win the 1000 and 1,500m race; but she lost this precious chance. As a result of this karmic fate, Bowe will compete in the 500m race. The international skating union’s final reallocation; provide a third quota that alternatively went to the Bowe. Jackson; competed in roller derby and inline speed skating previously, but her first debut on the ice is in 2016. Additionally, she ended his 500m race with a period of 37.04 seconds.

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