3 Celery Based Puppy Treat Recipes You Can Try This Weekend

If you’re contemplating adding celery to your doggo’s diet, it should be offered only as an occasional treat. Treats should not exceed ten percent of your pet pooch’s daily calorie intake. Talk to your vet to know how much celery you can feed your dog for its breed, age, and size.

It is worth noting that celery is rich in fiber, and feeding it to your dog in a small amount can promote digestion, stool consistency, and regularity. However, feeding a large quantity of celery can lead to bloating due to excess gas, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal pain. Offering pet-safe food items, including celery in moderation, can have health benefits and adverse effects when fed disproportionately.

Meet your vet immediately if you notice anything abnormal happening with your puppy after celery consumption. Pet insurance helps support your canine fur baby with top-notch medical care during testing times of health which is why you should consider buying a policy.

Consider taking the first step by inquiring about the pet insurance cost of various policies, then request and compare quotes to get down to the pet plan that best suits your four-legged companion’s health needs and your budget. In the meantime, read this article to learn a few celery-based puppy treat recipes.


Celery is a nutrition-rich natural food item you can rarely feed your pup. It contains vitamins A, C, and K and is very low in fats and cholesterol. Sometimes, it can be used to supplement your puppy’s diet but shouldn’t replace the main meal in significant proportions.

Offer your pup a wee bit of celery snack for a change. Also, plain raw celery can be boring so try the below recipes this weekend to pamper your poochie with some tasty celery treats.

Recipe #1

Celery + Peanut butter

Puppies love peanut butter, and they can’t help but drool at the smell emanating from an open jar containing peanut butter. Cut out slim celery sticks and smear them with peanut butter before offering. Also, you can refrigerate them for about 30 mins on hot days and during summer before tossing one or two into your puppy’s dish so they can happily lick and eat.

Recipe #2

Celery + Cheese

You should feed this only if your pet pup is not lactose intolerant. Make slender slices of cheese, cut them out into strips, and place one in the middle of a medium-sized celery stick that is chopped vertically. You can consider using cottage cheese too. If you need clarification about whether or not to feed your pupper cheese, have a quick call with your vet for guidance.

Recipe #3

Celery + Meat

Cook up your canine fur baby’s favorite protein without adding any seasonings. Parallelly boil some rice with no salt. Once both are ready, mix them up in a bowl, grind the mixture into a paste, and cook the paste with a low-sodium chicken broth. With this, the hot and tasty dip is ready. Now, take a celery stick and immerse it in the hot dip or add a few drops on the stick and feed it to your pup. Pay attention to the temperature of the dip while feeding.

One word of caution here, celery must be chopped into small bite-sized pieces or slender sticks that can be conveniently eaten and swallowed. Otherwise, it can pose a choking threat to your puppy. If such a thing happens, dial the nearest pet emergency hospital for assistance.

Pet insurance covers a fur baby’s testing, treatment, and medication costs during unexpected health situations and emergencies. Consider buying a pet policy because pet insurance cost can be much lower than the unplanned vet bills you may have to pay during dire medical scenarios.

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