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1st Providers Choice EHR Vs. CounSol EHR—Everything You Must Know!!!

1st Providers Choice EHR

First Providers Choice EHR is a cloud-based electronic health record and medical billing software. Also, it is a practice management solution for small, medium to large-sized healthcare practices. The practice management software includes over 30 specialty-specific user-customizable workflow automation templates. Also, a clinical workflow management tool, lab integration, and patient demographic information. Essential features of 1st providers Choice EHR are:

  • automated scheduling,
  • insurance claim verification,
  • reporting/analytics,
  • e-prescribing (e-Rx),
  • appointment and
  • billing management, and more.

Users can access healthcare plans, progress notes, and other documents with the 1st Providers Choice EHR. 

A patient portal allows external users to manage appointments and payments. Healthcare professionals can read progress notes and change care plans and documents dynamically. The software’s EHR functionalities assist users with the following:

  • improving documentation accuracy,
  • coding assistance,
  • notes creation,
  • multiple record creations,
  • account receivable management,
  • claims scrubbing,
  • HIPAA-compliant document communications, and
  • appointment scheduling capabilities.

The software also includes web & server-based options for streamlining daily workflows & increasing productivity.

1st Providers Choice EHR Features


1st Provider Choice EHR offers a variety of note-taking methods and custom visit note templates. You can improve the patient experience and patient-physician interaction by using these tools. Its specialty-specific templates are expertly crafted for your convenience. You can personalize your own visit notes and documentation methods. You can also get to customize your protocol-based care management tools to your specialty’s specific needs. In order to maximize convenience and efficiency while also helping to improve patient care delivery.


You can expedite your check-in and out processes to promote a more patient-centric practice. You also get a Patient App, IMS On-Arrival, and a Check-in Kiosk.

Billing Software

1st Provider Choice is a feature-rich software. It allows you to create and maintain patient billing information. You can also post charges faster and more efficiently with its billing and invoicing software. Other features included in the billing software include:

  • Claims Scrubbing
  • E&m Coding Advisor
  • Electronic Statements
  • Digital Superbill
  • Electronic Posting

Practice Management and Reporting

You can improve your practice efficiency by expediting your office functions. Using a wide range of practice management tools offers better care and services. The A/R management helps you monitor, track, and manage your accounts receivable and collections more effectively. Its Reporting feature helps you get a more precise and more organized view of your practice’s financial health and clinical data. Actively tracking Meaningful Use objectives can help you receive your stimulus check sooner.

1st Providers Choice EHR Price

1st Providers Choice EHR does not provide details about their pricing plans. But, to request a quote, you can click on the ‘get pricing’ button or contact the vendor. 

You can request information or a free 1st Providers Choice EHR demo. As this is a fully-certified EMR & Practice Management Software. A Televisit video and a video demo are also available for you to get to know the software in detail.

1st Providers Choice EHR Reviews

CounSol EHR

CounSol is a fully functional Healthcare Software designed for Agencies and SMEs. CounSol offers comprehensive Web App solutions, Appointment Reminders, and Initial Assessments. Along with EMR/EHR, Appointment Scheduling, and Employee Management. All these features are available through this online healthcare system.

CounSol is an excellent choice for solo and small group practices that want to be able to customize. CounSol EHR has many features, including;

electronic claims filing, integrated ERAs, and supervisory functions. Counsol collects as little data as possible from the clients. But it allows you to create customized forms for administrative or client use. This means you can design your own intake forms and assessments. Along with other forms for clients to complete online. Furthermore, any data that has not already been collected by their system can be saved. You can create a customized administrative form to save the data. The improved notes feature makes them a viable option for solo or small group practices. Particularly if these practices need extensive customization.

CounSol EHR Features

Online Appointments

You can create and control your timetable however you want with CounSol. Customers can check your availability hours and schedule an appointment at any time. When you highlight a client, the system displays available times, days, and rates to them. Using this feature, the client can then reserve their preferred time from your slots. Customers can make changes to their appointments in their schedules with ease. All because of its online appointment booking feature.

Client Records and Notes

When it comes to client data, CounSol provides complete security. All this information is saved in an encrypted format, and only the subscriber can access it. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about losing any client data. As CounSol automatically backs up your data every hour. 

Billing and Invoicing

It can be challenging to keep billing cycles and invoices straight. This can have a significant impact on your productivity. CounSol offers an invoice system that uses third-party payment processors. Customers can make payments through the web system without your (the subscriber’s) involvement. Customers can also pay their bills via email after receiving the invoice notification. A private administrator can be assigned to notify you of unpaid bills and keep track of payments.

Treatment Plan

Creating a successful treatment plan is essential to a counselor’s job. As a result, CounSol provides several excellent templates to address this issue. These standardized frameworks are pretty comprehensive, with spaces for doctors’ diagnoses. Also, interventions, risk assessments, and short- and long-term therapy goals. It helps them enable the development of a comprehensive treatment plan for patients.

CounSol EHR Price

CounSol EHR’s price structure starts at $69.95 /month and offers 4 different pricing plans. You need to click the ‘Get Pricing’ button to get complete pricing details.

You can watch a free CounSol EHR demo to see how the software can help your business in real-time. The software also offers free trial access for its customers.

CounSol EHR Reviews

Numerous positive CounSol EHR reviews are available online. The users praise the software for its secure client records and simple interface. Along with low-pricing plans. The app is also praised for its ability to create comprehensive treatment plans. Its online appointment booking system is also very much appreciated.

1st Providers Choice EHR Vs. CounSol EHR — Final Remarks

1st Providers Choice and CounSol EHR both are excellent EHR and practice management software. Both software solutions offer some excellent feature to successfully run any medical practice. In this article we have discussed the pricing, reviews, and features in detail. After going through this article, you will be able to choose the software that suits your practice’s needs. But, don’t forget to watch their demos and do go through the user reviews to make an informed decision.   

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