15 Best Corporate Websites in 2022

As we all know, if, in today’s world, your business is not presented online, you, as well as the services and products you offer, literally do not exist for the customers. And this is not the outcome any brand strives to reach. And here, such a matter as corporate website development comes to the rescue. With its help, you can show your personality, thus standing out from the rest.

Do not believe it? Then in this article, we will do our utmost to persuade you of the importance of building a corporate resource. To do that, we will take a look at the top 15 corporate websites. Moreover, here, you will see what makes them so outstanding. This way, after studying this guideline, you will have a chance to decide whether to create your own site or not and in case you already have a website, you will understand what features you lack to make it even more effective and powerful.

What are the 15 best corporate websites?

  1. Decor Systems

When entering the homepage of Decor Systems, thanks to the used font and white space, clients immediately immerse into the world of minimalism. Moreover, while scrolling down, they can observe various images and animations that display what field the brand operates in. And such communication of a company message is truly crucial.

  1. Cherche Susan

The Cherche Susan recruitment agency impeccably shows its mission through the application of its slogan and a small description of it (a bit below). Furthermore, even though the site is full of call-to-action buttons, they are introduced so gently that could hardly be perceived as intrusive.

  1. Bikebear

This website design company demonstrates its creativity in each element of its resource, not to mention a small “don’t click” button, after clicking on which, customers can enjoy watching an extremely sweet and amiable animation of pandas. This way, the Bikebear team states that a corporate site doesn’t have to be plain or serious at all.

  1. Calendly

Should anyone explain what the brand with the name Calendly deals with? Sounds more like a rhetorical question, doesn’t it? In addition, since the guide on how to employ this system is reflected in the main image, the user-friendliness, and convenience of the platform cannot go unnoticed.

  1. DFDG Architecture

Since DFDG Architecture is involved in the provision of top-notch architecture and design services, the whole website acts as its hard evidence as long as its interface is not just visually appealing but also logically structured. Moreover, while going across the site, clients face no difficulties with navigation, which is also a vital factor.

  1. Martin Building Co.

Martin Building Co. is another representative of the architecture industry. When opening the website, users view pictures of high quality that directly communicate the main idea of the brand. Furthermore, when moving from one page to another, site visitors can enjoy non-standard and extraordinary transitions that also make a substantial contribution to the user experience.

  1. Paragon Oak

Want your website to demonstrate the nature of your business along with its key features? Then you should definitely consider the case of the Paragon Oak brand. Here, each graphic element highlights the company’s goal, which is to construct and design remarkable oak-framed buildings.

  1. PRCO

If such a direct approach (from previous examples) is not for you, you should look at the corporate site of PRCO. PRCO is a PR agency. However, you can’t indicate it right away when entering the resource, as on the main page, there is an image of nature. Certainly, it’s just fantastic, but it doesn’t reveal the brand’s purpose. Nevertheless, a single phrase on the home page and several scrolls down, and the mystery is solved.

  1. Ashcroft Law Firm

When people come to legal websites, they expect to find all the information of their interest easily and promptly. If we go to the site of Ashcroft Law Firm, we can see not only how thoughtfully the data is organized and presented (without any elements that may distract) but also that the chosen colors and fonts are modern and suitable for this particular niche.

  1.  Babord Group

The website of Babord Group is an excellent example of how one sentence accompanied by proper videos and professional images can tell your clients more than huge blocks of text. Additionally, you can’t find anything out of place here, while the navigation menu slightly leads you to the desired information.

  1. WSA

WSA is an American design studio. And looking at their corporate site, customers fully realize that this team knows how to make it right. Here, we can observe modern and laconic design accompanied by different photos and a combination of vivid colors that adds some freshness.

  1. Keatons

If you desire to show how exceptional your brand is, then the application of hand-made graphics and custom illustrations will be of much help. And judging by the website of Keatons, we understand that this approach works, as it catches the attention of potential clients and makes them stay on the resource longer.

  1.  Racine

The corporate website of this based in Brussels law firm lacks any useless or unnecessary information or elements that may confuse visitors. Accordingly, the site design and its navigation is quite simple and, at the same time, neat and structured so that the clients face no challenges while looking for any data. Aren’t these the best characteristics of a legal firm?

  1.  The New York Times Company

The main feature of the New York Times Company’s site is its minimalistic design. Moreover, while going down the page, readers can see large images with headlines, which is a pretty smart move as such an approach is typical of mass media. Consequently, it has all the chances to win the users’ hearts and minds.

  1.  Honeytrap

Honeytrap is a film production agency founded in Copenhagen. And the fact that this firm works with talented and creative people only is proven by its corporate website design. Here, on the home page, you can scroll down and watch short clips shot by different directors, and if there is such a wish, you can read more about them by clicking on his or her name. And this is really convenient and rather innovative, you know.

On a final note

It seems rather obvious that a corporate website plays a huge role for any brand as long as it performs various functions: from advertising and attracting clients to communicating with them and demonstrating your mission and values. And the examples provided in this article are called to prove it. Accordingly, there is almost no business that can effectively operate without its own resource.

However, the matter of site design and development may be quite challenging, especially if there are no devoted specialists among your employees. And here, various third-party digital agencies may become true lifesavers. With their support, you may get a website that will work the way you like and bring you the desired results. Eventually, this is the primary goal every company wants to achieve, isn’t it?

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